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At Mark West, there's nothing more important to us than sharing our passion for Pinot with others.

Mark West was founded in 1978 with one desire -

to craft remarkable Pinot Noir that delivers exceptional quality at an affordable price.

Our name, Mark West, is an ode to a region in the heart of Sonoma county, one of the world's best places to grow Pinot Noir. It was here that we started our winery and our passion for Pinot.

Mark West Pinot Noir Bottle Image
Pouring Mark West Pinot Noir


Nothing worth obsessing over ever came easy. And that's certainly the case for Pinot Noir. The grape is an interesting one: It's thin-skinned and fickle, which means it's not easy to grow. Even the slightest change in temperature can throw it off, which is why we look for the best cool, dry climates when choosing our vineyards. But, when it's done right, the result is a wonderfully complex wine. The perfect Pinot, in an infinite number of expressions. It's unlike any other grape.

Product Image Pending for Mark West


Pinot Noir the grape is hard to grow, and once it enters the winery it's important to have a gentle hand during the winemaking process. Each and every aspect matters, which is why we have devoted ourselves to Pinot Noir—so we can get it right. To make the best Pinot Noir, we first gently destem and crush the grapes when they come into the winery. Daily punch-downs and pump-overs extract flavor and color. And after a light pressing we use French oak to marry the flavors you find naturally in Pinot Noir. At Mark West we focus on quality, and let the grapes speak for themselves. Each harvest is a new adventure, each crop is different, and each year we bring you the wines that you love.