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At Mark West, there's nothing more important to us than sharing our passion for Pinot with others. Take a look around and find out more about Mark West and our devotion to Pinot.

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Because of its versatility, Pinot Noir showcases the terroir of each growing region. Each region has different growing conditions that create different aromas and flavors in the grapes. Take a look at our Appellation Series wines. West Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir Lucia Highlands Growing Region

Santa Lucia Highlands, CA

Part of California's Monterey County, Santa Lucia Highlands is the ideal place to grow Pinot Noir, where fog and cool breezes off the Monterey Bay cool our hillside plantings. These vineyards yield a small harvest of well-developed fruit with a great flavor profile. West Russian River Valley Pinot Noir River Valley Growing Region

Russian River Valley, CA

Located in the heart of Sonoma County, the Russian River Valley is a renowned Pinot Noir growing region with a long growing season and unique soil of volcanic ash and ancient ocean floor. A perfect combination of fog, sun, and wind helps produce bright, aromatic Pinot Noirs. West Carneros Pinot Noir Growing Region

Carneros, CA

Located in California's Napa Valley, Carneros is a classic maritime terroir. A long, consistent growing season combined with the dense high-clay soils of Carneros creates a complex and classically textured Pinot Noir. West Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Valley Growing Region

Willamette Valley, OR

Located in Oregon, the Willamette Valley growing region has a strong marine influence. Wet winter and spring months provide plenty of water for the long and mild growing season. Pinot Noirs from this region are lighter in color and showcase bright red berry fruit.


Pinot Noir the grape is hard to grow, and once it enters the winery it's important to have a gentle hand during the winemaking process. Each and every aspect matters, which is why we have devoted ourselves to Pinot Noir—so we can get it right. To make the best Pinot Noir, we first gently destem and crush the grapes when they come into the winery. Daily punch-downs and pump-overs extract flavor and color. And after a light pressing we use French oak to marry the flavors you find naturally in Pinot Noir. At Mark West we focus on quality, and let the grapes speak for themselves. Each harvest is a new adventure, each crop is different, and each year we bring you the wines that you love.

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